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Table 3 Summary of electrical parameters and stunning process

From: Is humane slaughtering of rainbow trout achieved in conventional production chains in Germany? Results of a pilot field and laboratory study

CurrentFrequency [Hz]Stun duration [s]Position of stunning electrodesStunning success [N VOR/ n total number of fish]
AC 303/94
AC  Head/ tail2/69
  Top/ bottom2/60
Summary AC   4/189
DC 30 3/37*
 60 0/33
DC  Head/ tail1/29
  Top/ bottom1/20
Summary DC   3/70
  1. AC alternating current, DC direct current, Statistical analysis: Kruskal Wallis ANOVA on ranks followed by Dunn’s post hoc test, AC, Frequency: p = 0.38, position of electrodes: p = 0.38, stun duration: p = 0.31, DC: plate position: p = 0.90, * statistically different to DC, 60 s at p = 0.026