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Table 2 Presence of viruses in OF, faeces and serum on each farm in different pig categories

From: Molecular detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, porcine circovirus 2 and hepatitis E virus in oral fluid compared to their detection in faeces and serum

 Farm5 w/o7 w/o9 w/o11 w/oFattenersBreeding sows
 serum poolneg.NTNTNTNTneg.
 individual seradNT10/1010/1010/100/10NT
 serum poolneg.neg.neg.pos.pos.neg.
 individual seradNTNT0/108/103/10NT
 serum poolneg.neg.pos.neg.neg.neg.
 individual seradNTNT6/100/10NTNT
 serum poolNTNTNTneg.neg.neg.
 individual serad2/103/109/10NTNTNT
 serum poolNTNTNTneg.neg.neg.
 individual serad0/101/102/10NTNTNT
  1. neg. negative result, pos. positive result, NT not tested
  2. a classic RT-PCR
  3. b classic PCR
  4. c real-time RT-PCR
  5. dten individual sera were tested from each pig age group. Results are shown pos./all tested sera