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Table 3 Average relevance score of the surveyed quality characteristics of the chosen pet food

From: Profiling Italian cat and dog owners’ perceptions of pet food quality traits

CharacteristicsScore (% for each category)Average score (n = 935)
Contains natural ingredients0.43.715.329.750.94.3
Location of pet food production facilities clearly labeled0.93.816.831.047.54.2
Comprehension of the label1.04.819.027.347.94.2
Pet’s preference (i.e. palatability)0.32.718.532.546.04.2
Normal stool appearance0.72.818.833.444.34.2
Contains fresh meat1.56.021.527.143.94.1
Cruelty free3.36.923.122.644.14.0
Produce shiny coat1.05.022.735.535.84.0
Meat as the main ingredient2.27.323.226.740.64.0
Good food smell3.311.626.533.625.13.7
High protein content1.38.528.737.923.53.7
Food appearance4.310.829.031.524.43.6
Grain free6.019.432.224.617.83.3
Recyclable packaging13.918.324.522.021.33.2
Known brand12.020.328.825.313.53.1
Higher price than other products24.127.626.913.77.72.5
  1. (1 = not important, 5 = fundamental)