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Table 4 The infection rate based on age groups

From: Epidemiology and clinico-pathological characteristics of current goat pox outbreak in North Vietnam

ProvinceTotal<  3 months3–6 months>  6 monthsChisqp-value
nAffectedInfection rate (%)nAffectedInfection rate (%)NnAffectedInfection rate (%)
Bac Giang23505458615.8 a60816727.5 b119715813.2 a58.310.000
Ha Noi12953154514.3 a3057223.6 b6758612.7 a19.370.000
Hoa Binh19545286412.1 a3529125.8 b107411710.9 a51.460.000
Ninh Binh24355879315.8 a62317327.8 b122513511.0 a84.430.000
Nghe An17984046315.6 a44111927.0 b95312613.2 a41.090.000
Yen Bai1856419419.8 a4929819.9 a945808.5 a42.890.000
Total11,6882798392 2821720 6069702   
  1. Values between columns bearing similar superscript do not differ at p < 0.000
  2. n number of animals