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Table 1 Morbidity rate of goatpox outbreak in North Vietnam

From: Epidemiology and clinico-pathological characteristics of current goat pox outbreak in North Vietnam

ProvincenMorbidity (%)p-valueOR95% CI
Bac Giang235017.5 a0.0001
Ha Noi129515.7 a0.870.721.04
Hoa Binh195413.9 a,b0.760.640.90
Nghe An179817.1 a0.970.831.14
Ninh Binh243516.5 a0.920.791.07
Yen Bai185611.8 b0.630.530.75
  1. OR odds ratio, 95% CI confidence interval
  2. Values within column bearing similar superscript do not differ at p < 0.000