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Table 1 Demographics in pigs positive and negative for the trait of interest after quality control of genotypic data

From: Identification of single-nucleotide variants associated with susceptibility to Salmonella in pigs using a genome-wide association approach

Phenotype Number of negative pigs (controls*) Number of positive pigs (cases*)
Salmonella seropositivity 254 (32.3%) 532 (67.7%)
Salmonella shedding 269 (34.2%) 517 (65.8%)
Salmonella isolation at slaughter 111 (21.6%) 404 (78.4%)
  1. *Control: never tested seropositive, never shed Salmonella, or tested negative at slaughter; Case: tested seropositive for Salmonella at least once, shed Salmonella at least once on-farm, or was positive for Salmonella at slaughter