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Table 1 Description of dairy cattle populations under monitoring with their respective patterns of mortality and mortality aberrations detected at each level

From: Enhancing the monitoring of fallen stock at different hierarchical administrative levels: an illustration on dairy cattle from regions with distinct husbandry, demographical and climate traits

Zones of studyDemographical and climate traits of populations monitoredCarcasses collectedPatterns of fallen bovines by week (Jan 2006- Dec 2013)Mortality Aberrations (Jan 2014-Jun 2015)
Nr farms (Median)Farm size Median
ClimateTotal nrBy week Median (min-max)ARIMA (p, d, q) TrendSeasonal effect (Warm) (% of increase and period)Seasonality effect (Cold) (% of increase and period)Nr of peaksNr of affected farms Median (min-max)
R1(=P1)268174 (1–561)Oceanic coastal109,744221 (151–326)1,0,1+  0.0868% Jun-Aug22% Oct-Feb4145 (105–184)
C134377 (1–369)Oceanic coastal16,11432 (13–61)0,1,1+ 0.00714% May-Aug26%Oct-Feb635 (30–44)
C230271 (1–407)Oceanic coastal15,44031 (10–58)0,1,1_9% May-Aug17%Oct-Feb428 (13–37)
C340063 (1–561)Oceanic coastal15,14530 (14–58)1,0,1+ 0.00916% May- Aug16%Oct -Feb629 (3–35)
C442575 (1–430)Oceanic coastal17,20534 (12–68)0,1,1+ 0.0228% May-Aug11%Oct - Feb248 (44–51)
C514384 (2–240)Oceanic coastal592412 (3–25)1,0,1+ 0.004_15%Oct-Jan415 (13–18)
C631482 (1–487)Oceanic coastal14,85029 (13–62)0,1,1+ 0.12522% May-Aug35%Oct-Jan130
C77188 (5–218)Oceanic coastal43508 (0–20)1,0,1−0.006_15%Oct-Mar210 (9–11)
R2799198 (1–3639)Diverse climates: Mediterranean and Alpine153,520308 (144–502)0,1,1+ 0.22961% May-Aug85%Oct-Jan138
P2212220 (1–3639)Mediterranean continental49,557104 (40–197)0,1,1+ 0.11096% May-Aug138%Oct-Jan149
C822297 (3–3369)Mediterranean continental warm summers933117(2–52)0,1,1+ 0.037145% May- Set184% Oct- Jan75 (2–9)
C921526 (14–2005)Mediterranean continental warm summers10,30919 (3–55)2,1,2+ 0.031145% May- Set164%Oct- Jan47 (1–7)
C1098192 (1–1556)Mediterranean continental subhumid18,10736 (9–75)0,1,1+ 0.04083% May-Aug125%Oct- Jan128
C1125206 (17–1403)Mediterranean continental warm summers905517(4–58)4,1,2+ 0.012100% May-Set134%Oct-Jan15
P3308191 (6–1933)Mediterranean Continental subhumid /costal56,274106 (54–200)1,0,1+ 0.07959% May-Aug78%Oct- Jan75 (2–9)
C1241197 (6–559)Mediterranean continental subhumid770115 (2–37)1,0,1+ 0.00972% May-Aug111% Oct-Jan111
C1361231 (7–905)Mediterranean costal14,26528 (11–73)0,1,1+ 0.02167% May- Aug72%Oct- Jan39 (8–15)
C1454228 (6–1933)Mediterranean costal14,77829 (10–70)3,1,1+ 0.01141% May-Aug72%Set-Jan29 (7–10)
  1. Zones of study: R Region, C County, P Province
  2. ARIMA(pdq) where p = order of autocorrelation, d = differentiation, q = order moving average