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Table 2 Statistical relation between the results of BoHV-2 serology in relation to the respective results in BoHV-1 ELISAs for animals (a) and farms (b)

From: Bovine Alphaherpesvirus 2 infections in Bavaria: an analysis of the current situation - several years after eradicating Bovine Alphaherpesvirus 1

a Individual animal level
 BoHV-2 seropositive animals (n = 375)BoHV-2 seronegative animals (n = 6426)ORa(CI 95%)p-value
BoHV-1 ELISA negative animals31263431.00
Trachitest-positive animals306010.71 (6.46–15.99)< 0.001
Non-negative animals332329.17 (16.92–50.27)< 0.001
b Farm level
 BoHV-2 seropositive farmsb(n = 78)BoHV-2 seronegative farmsc(n = 328)ORa(CI 95%)p-value
BoHV-1 ELISA negative farmsd362781.00
Trachitest-positive farmse15373.13 (1.57–6.26)< 0.001
Non-negative farmsf271316.04 (7.60–33.86)< 0.001
  1. aOdds Ratios
  2. bfarms are classified as BoHV-2 seropositive when at least one BoHV-2 seropositive animal is kept
  3. cfarms are classified as BoHV-2 seronegative when none of the tested animals had antibodies against BoHV-2
  4. dfarms are classified as BoHV-1 ELISA negative when none of the tested sera showed reactivity in the Trachitest
  5. efarms are classified as Trachitest-positive when at least one animal with reactivity in the Trachitest but none with reactivity in the gB-ELISA is kept
  6. ffarms are classified as non-negative when at least one animal with reactivity in the Trachitest and the gB-ELISA (gE-ELISA negative) is kept