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Table 1 Results of BoHV-2 serology in relation to the region of origin of animals (a) and farms (b)

From: Bovine Alphaherpesvirus 2 infections in Bavaria: an analysis of the current situation - several years after eradicating Bovine Alphaherpesvirus 1

a Individual animal level
 BoHV-2 seropositive animals (n = 375)BoHV-2 seronegative animals (n = 6426)ORa(CI 95%)p-value
North Bavaria819081.00
Lower Bavaria1910514.31 (1.88–9.88)< 0.001
Upper Bavaria56114411.67 (5.55–24.58)< 0.001
Swabia292232329.98 (14.81–60.67)< 0.001
b Farm level
 BoHV-2 seropositive farmsb(n = 78)BoHV-2 seronegative farmsc(n = 328)ORa(CI 95%)p-value
North Bavaria51001.25 (0.29–5.40)0.764462
Lower Bavaria3751.00
Upper Bavaria17656.54 (1.83–23.32)< 0.05
Swabia538815.06 (4.52–50.15)< 0.001
  1. aOdds Ratios
  2. bfarms are classified as BoHV-2 seropositive when at least one BoHV-2 seropositive animal is kept
  3. cfarms are classified as BoHV-2 seronegative when none of the tested animals had antibodies against BoHV-2