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Table 2 Potentiation effect of serum matrix on in vitro susceptibility of gamithromycin against 19 H. parasuis isolates (n = 19) a

From: Epidemiological and PK/PD cutoff values determination and PK/PD-based dose assessment of gamithromycin against Haemophilus parasuis in piglets

Test matrixMIC (mg/L)MBC (mg/L)MBC/MIC ratio
HTM0.52 (0.23)0.83 (0.24)1.61
Serum0.06 (0.02)0.19 (0.08)3.21
HTM/serum ratio b8.934.46
  1. aMIC and MBC represent geometric means (SD) using 19 H. parasuis isolates
  2. bComparison of Haemophilus test medium (HTM)/serum ratio differences: P < 0.01