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Table 4 BRD-scoring parameters for calves

From: Field trial to evaluate the effect of an intranasal respiratory vaccine protocol on bovine respiratory disease incidence and growth in a commercial calf rearing unit

Clinical signLevelScore
CoughNone or induced cough0
Spontaneous cough2
Nasal dischargeNone0
Ocular dischargeNone0
Ear positionNormal, ear flick or head shake0
Ear droop or head tilt5
Rectal temperature ( ̊C)<  39.20
≥ 39.22
Abnormal respirationaAbsent0
  1. aAuscultation was performed by using a stethoscope
  2. Calves were categorized as BRD positive if their total score was ≥5 (modified Love et al. 2014)