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Table 3 Summary of clinical examination scoring parameters for clinical condition score calculations

From: Field trial to evaluate the effect of an intranasal respiratory vaccine protocol on bovine respiratory disease incidence and growth in a commercial calf rearing unit

Clinical sign012
Rectal temperature ( ̊C)<  39.2≥ 39.2
Respiratory rate<  45≥ 45 
Respiratory soundsNormalMinor chancesMajor chances
Ear position/Head tiltNormalEar droop/head tilt
Nasal dischargeNoneWatery dischargeCloudy discharge
Ocular dischargeNoneWatery dischargeCloudy discharge
JointsNormalArthritis in one jointPolyarthritis
Bruises in joint areaNoneOne jointTwo or more joints
Interdigital phlegmonNoneOne clawTwo or more claws
Feacal consistenceNoneLooseWatery diarrhea
Spontaneous coughNoneCoughing spontaneously