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Table 5 Samples collected from Atlantic FAO areas

From: Risk-based scoring and genetic identification for anisakids in frozen fish products from Atlantic FAO areas

FAO fishing areasCoordinatesHostN. boxes / total fish countIndividuals sampled (N)
FAO 21 Atlantic, Northwest Glyptocephalus cynoglossus1/6025
FAO 21 Atlantic, Northwest48°38'N 45°43'WMacrurus berglax2/5025
FAO 21 Atlantic, Northwest46°51'N 47°20'WMallotus villosus1/5025
FAO 21 Atlantic, Northwest48°33'N 45°45'WReinharditius hippoglossoides8/10925
FAO 21 Atlantic, Northwest48°38' N 45°42' WUrophycis chus4/11430
FAO 27 Atlantic, Northeast56°13'N 17°34'WAlepocephalus bairdii7/5225
FAO 27 Atlantic, Northeast56°13'N 17°35'WAphanopus carbo1/1010
FAO 27 Atlantic, NortheastFAO 27 IIaClupea harengus2/10025
FAO 27 Atlantic, NortheastFAO 27/ VIIConger conger6/10025
FAO 27 Atlantic, Northeast Melanogrammus aeglefinus1/5025
FAO 27 Atlantic, Northeast54°34'N 17°59'WMolva dypterygia11/7125
FAO 27 Atlantic, Northeast58°38'N 15°04'WRegalecus glesne2/1111
FAO 27 Atlantic, NortheastFAO 27/XIITrachyrhynchus scabrus2/10025
FAO 27 Atlantic, Northeast Zeus faber1/5025
FAO 34 Atlantic, Eastern Central Dicologlossa cuneata2/5025
FAO 34 Atlantic, Eastern Central12°50'N17°25'WGaleoides decadactylus5/5025
FAO 34 Atlantic, Eastern Central13°00'N17°15'WTrachurus trecae2/6050
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Atlantoraja castelanui8/5010
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Caelorinchus fasciatus1/5025
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Genypterus blacoides3/5025
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Illex argentinus3/5010
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Macruronus magellanicus9/>20028
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Merluccius hubbsi6/5025
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Micromesistius australis3/5017
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Patagonotothen ramsayi1/5025
FAO 41 Atlantic, Southwest Salilota australis2/5025
FAO 47 Atlantic, Southeast13°37,09S 12°17,38'ELepidopus caudatus1/259
FAO 47 Atlantic, Southeast23°21,5' S 13°22,3'EMerluccius capensis1/3625
FAO 47 Atlantic, Southeast27°11,2`' S 14° 22,5'EMerluccius paradoxus1/5034
FAO 47 Atlantic, Southwest11°48,84S 13°22,97'EMerluccius polli12/>25030
FAO 47 Atlantic, Southeast25°53,1' S 13° 41,7WSerranus cabrilla1/5025
FAO 47 Atlantic, Southeast27°03,8S 14°14,7ETodarodes angolensis3/5010
FAO 47 Atlantic, Southeast24°10,9S 13°31,0'ETrachurus trachurus2/5022