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Table 2 Genotype constellations of RVA strain 14, reference sequences, and the most homologous strains in GenBank

From: Full genomic characterization of a porcine rotavirus strain detected in an asymptomatic piglet in Accra, Ghana

  1. The Ghanaian porcine RVA strain 14 (RVA/Pig-wt/GHA/14/2016/G5P[7]) genotype constellation is shown in bold in comparison to reference RVA human strains, Wa and DS-1, and porcine strains, Gottfried and OSU; strains that were fully characterised in GenBank with the top BLASTn hits for each strain 14 segment; three typical porcine strains of the GX-P[X]-I5-R1-C1-M1-A8-N1-T7-E1-H1 constellation; and three human strains from West Africa. Green – Wa-like genogroup; pink –DS-1-like genogroup; blue – typical porcine genotype [4]