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Table 1 A schematic of the study timeline including the standard protocol items as defined by the 2013 SPIRIT statement [23, 24]

From: C1 inhibitor in canine intravascular hemolysis (C1INCH): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

 ScreeningStudy periodFollow-up period
T0Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5DischargeDay 7Day 14Day 28
EnrollmentEligibility screenx         
Informed consentx         
Randomization and allocation x        
InterventionStandardized workup xxx      
Standardized therapy xxxxx xxx
Drug or placebo (q8h) x, x, x        
AssessmentComplete blood count xxxxx    
Serum chemistry (LDH, HI, Hb, bilirubin) xxxxx    
C5b-9 complex xxxxx    
Residual plasma complement xxxxx    
Serum haptoglobin concentration xxxxx    
Erythrocyte bound C3b xxxxx    
Duration of hospitalization      x   
Red cell transfusion requirements      x   
Rescue therapy requirements      x   
Survival (Alive, died, euthanized)      xxxx
Follow-upTelephone follow-up       xxx