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Table 1 H6N2 viruses isolated during the study

From: Continuing evolution of H6N2 influenza a virus in South African chickens and the implications for diagnosis and control

StrainCollection dateLocationHostGenBank accession numbers
338087a17 Sep 2015Johannesburg, GAUBroilers, 27 daysMK996153-MK996160
341797a9 Oct 2015Rustenburg, NWBroiler breeders, age unknownMK996169-MK996176
339678a13 Oct 2015Rustenburg, NWBroiler breeders, 43 weeksMK996161-MK996168
344378a13 Oct 2015Bapsfontein, GAULayers, 47 weeksMK996177-MK996184
344579a12 Oct 2015Bapsfontein, GAULayers, 37 weeksMK996185-MK996192
398997a11 Oct 2016Boksburg, GAULayers, 7 weeksMK996193-MK996200
N2826b8 Jul 2016Pretoria, GAUBroilers, 21 daysMH170286-MH170293
401156a9 Oct 2016Ventersdorp, NWLayers, age unknownMK996201-MK996208
402385a24 Oct 2016Potchefstroom, NWBroiler breeders, 63 weeksMK996209-MK996216
404573a9 Nov 2016Randfontein, GAULayers, age unknownMK996217-MK996224
H44954c1 Nov 2016Pietermaritzburg, KZNLayers, 56 weeksMK996225-MK996232
432a,b13 Feb 2019Pretoria, GAULayers, 20 weeksMK996233-MK996240
  1. GAU Gauteng Province, NW North West Province, KZN KwaZulu-Natal Province
  2. aIsolated at Deltamune laboratories (Pty) Ltd
  3. bIsolated at the University of Pretoria
  4. cIsolated at RCL Foods