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Table 3 Ingredients and chemistry composition of the treatment pellets, and total mixed ration

From: The effect of an organic rumen-protected fat supplement on performance, metabolic status, and health of dairy cows

CompositionSupplement pelletOrganilac 200TMR
Ingredients, % of DM
 Dehydrated ground alfalfa2020
 Rumen protected fat3093.6
 Ground corn4070
 Nonfat powder milk55
 Corn silage16
 Ray ranch grass3.3
 Farm grain mix33
Chemical composition, % of DM
 DM, %90.385.693.614.8
 Soluble Protein, % of CP14.
 ADF protein, % of CP7.50.50.341.22
 NDF protein, % of CP10.21.720.542.51
 Crude Fat28.
 NE Lactation, Mcal/lb. of DM1.260.842.360.72
 NE Maintenance, Mcal/lf of DM1.30.882.490.73
 NE Gain, Mcal/lb. of DM0.940.581.860.45
 Fe, PPM204124269
 Mn, PPM322321
 Zn, PPM29256
 Cu, PPM963