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Table 5 Summary of adapted Hudson and Turner Scores in Sentinels

From: Evaluation of new generation macrolides for the treatment and metaphylaxis of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) in cattle experimentally infected with Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides

Study SiteKenya (VSRI)Zambia (CVRI)
TreatmentSentinel SalineSentinel TulathromycinSentinel GamithromycinSentinel OxytetracyclineSentinel SalineSentinel TulathromycinSentinel GamithromycinSentinel Oxytetracycline
Number of Cattle55555445
Mean serology score (s.d.)0.6 (1.3)0000.80 (1.10)0.75 (1.50)00
Mean clinical scorea (s.d.)0.4 (0.9)0000000
Mean post-mortem scoreb (s.d.)2.4 (5.4)0003.20 (4.38)000
Mean adapted Hudson & Turner Score (s.d.)1.4 (3.1)0004.00 (4.69)0.75 (1.50)00
  1. a Clinical score calculated as a combination of pyrexia and mortality; b Lesion score calculated as a combination of acute/subacute or chronic lung lesions (type and size) and tissue isolation of Mycoplasma