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Table 3 Clinical, serological, pathological, and bacteriological parameters in Sentinels

From: Evaluation of new generation macrolides for the treatment and metaphylaxis of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) in cattle experimentally infected with Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides

Study SiteKenya (VSRI)Zambia (CVRI)
TreatmentSentinel SalineSentinel TulathromycinSentinel GamithromycinSentinel OxytetracyclineSentinel SalineSentinel TulathromycinSentinel GamithromycinSentinel Oxytetracycline
Number of Cattle55555445
Max. number of pyrexia days150000000
Number euthanased00000000
Max. CFT titer640 b10100808000
Number with acute/subacute or chronic lesions10002000
Number (%) with Mycoplasma isolated from tissue, pleural fluid or BAL1/5 (20%)0002/5 (40%)000
Number (%) with Mycoplasma isolated from nasal swabs00000001/5 (20%)
Average HT lesion score (s.d.)a1.20 (2.68)0001.60 (2.19)000
  1. a Lesion score calculated for the size and type of acute or chronic lung lesions. b At VSRI, samples indicating end-point titers beyond 1/640 were not titrated further, in which case the CFT titer was reported as 640