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Table 1 Lesion types observed at post-mortem examination

From: Evaluation of new generation macrolides for the treatment and metaphylaxis of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) in cattle experimentally infected with Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides

Study SiteKenya (VSRI)Zambia (CVRI)
Number of Cattle15 (14a)151515201313131418
Number with lesions145641120232
Acute/Subacute % (n)36 (5)0025 (1)100 (1)b33 (4)0033 (1)100 (2)b
Chronic/Sequestra % (n)64 (9)60 (3)67 (4)0067 (8)0067 (2)0
Recovery % (n)c040 (2)33 (2)75 (3)000100 (2)00
  1. aTissue samples for one animal were missing, hence n = 14 for lesion scores. b Mingled with Group 1 (saline). c Previous lesions that are no longer active and thought to be unable to cause disease