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Table 1 Signalment of dogs included in the PMM and control groups (univariate analysis)

From: Risk factors associated with progressive myelomalacia in dogs with complete sensorimotor loss following intervertebral disc extrusion: a retrospective case-control study

 PMM group (n = 45)Control group (n = 152)P-value
Age (y) (median, range)5 (2–14)4.5 (2–14)0.56
  ≤ 6 y37119 
  > 6 y833 
Sex  0.95
 Female intact413 
 Female spayed2166 
 Male intact722 
 Male neutered1351 
Breed  0.18
 Cocker Spaniel38 
 Other breeds2357 
  1. PMM progressive myelomalacia; y years