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Table 3 Result of MIRU-VNTR typing of selected ten isolates from Uganda-I family cluster

From: Reverse zoonotic tuberculosis transmission from an emerging Uganda I strain between pastoralists and cattle in South-Eastern Nigeria

 Isolate ID*
C1P1P 2P 3P 4P 5P 6P 7P 8P 9
MIRU No.No of repeats per locus
MIRU 22 (508)**22222222Failed
MIRU 42 (276)22222222Failed
MIRU 106 (802)66666666Failed
MIRU 164 (777)44444444Failed
MIRU 203 (668)33333333Failed
MIRU 237 (518)77777777Failed
MIRU 242 (501)22222222Failed
MIRU 265 (540)55555555Failed
MIRU 274 (710)44444444Failed
MIRU 314 (704)44444444Failed
MIRU 393 (699)33333333Failed
MIRU 404 (570)44444444Failed
Mtub 043 (690)33333333Failed
ETR-C3 (324)33333333Failed
Mtub 214 (320)44444444Failed
QUB-11b4 (353)44444444Failed
ETR-A3 (420)33333333Failed
Mtub 290 (335)00000000Failed
Mtub 303 (421)33333333Failed
ETR-B3 (518)33333333Failed
Mtub 344 (542)44444444Failed
Mtub 394 (504)44444444Failed
QUB 264 (631)44444444Failed
QUB41563 (345)33333333Failed
  1. *C – Cattle; P - Pastoralist **Base pair corresponding to the number of repeats