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Table 1 Virus neutralizing antibody titres of serum from adjuvanted AHSV-6 VLP and LAV (OBP) vaccinated horsesa

From: Plant-produced chimeric virus-like particles - a new generation vaccine against African horse sickness

 Horse IDDay 0Day 7Day 14Day 21Day 28Day 35Day 42
AHSV-6 VLP vaccine#201:21:21:41:41:41:8
AHSV-6 LAV (OBP)#9001:41:41:41:41:2
Bicine buffer (negative control)#1401:201:2000
  1. a Sera were assayed for neutralization activity against AHSV-6. The adjuvant was Montanide™ Pet Gel A (Seppic)
  2. T: Toxicity