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Table 4 Assessment of environmental characteristics in participating households.

From: A novel approach to welfare interventions in problem multi-cat households

Multi-cat house number12345678910
Presence of spoiled food - humanDKaDKYDKNYNNNN
Presence of spoiled food - animalDKDKNNNNNNNY
Is the owner unable to prepare food?DKDKNDKNDKNNNN
Presence of insects/rodentsNNNNNNYNNN
Is the owner unable to access the toilet?DKDKNDKNDKNNDKDK
Is the owner unable to sleep in a bed?DKDKNDKNYNNDKY
Presence of faeces/urine - humanNNNNNNNNNN
Presence of faeces/urine - animalNNYYNYNNNY
Presence of mould or chronic dampnessDKDKYDKNDKNNDKDK
Rubbish overflowYNNYNYYNYY
Litter trays overflowingYDKYYNYYNYY
Hoarding of other objectsNNNNNYNNNN
Is the owner unable to move freely/safely within the home?NNNNNYNNNN
Score /132043073025
  1. Y Yes, N No aDK Don’t know (in these households it was not possible to assess all areas of the house)