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Table 3 Assessment of demographic characteristics, cat acquisition styles, cat owning experience and basic cat husbandry facilities of participating households

From: A novel approach to welfare interventions in problem multi-cat households

Multi-cat house number12345678910
Number of years cat ownership59195306515210
Number of people living in house5211212322
Gender of people in house Male (M) Female (F)M,FM,FMFM,FMM,FM,FM,FM,F
Age range, in years, of people in house13–4522–48672922–497159–9022–5254–6452–80
Any history of mental health disorders? (Y/N)NYYYYNNYYN
Acquisition of cats? Active/Passive/Both (A/P/B)PAPAABPPPB
Other animals? (Y/N)YNNNYNYNNY
Feed cats: Inside/Outside/Both (In/Out/B)InBInInInInInInInIn
Number of litter trays3604533214
Number of cats per litter tray at Visit 13.72.8NA1.83.33.3117.5215.3
Total number of rooms7647655645