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Table 1 Overall cat numbers and mean Household Welfare Scores at first visit and revisits (2 and 12 months later).

From: A novel approach to welfare interventions in problem multi-cat households

Multi-cat house number12345678910
Number of cats Visit 1
(following inspectorate referral)
Number of cats Visit 2
(~ 2 months)
Number of cats Visit 3
(~ 12 months)
Number euthanased after discussion with owner over study period0000001322
Number died over study period0000011010
Number of new cats over study period0200003100
Number of cats already neutered at initial visit01532233115
Number of females spayed during study32658116679
Number of pregnant spays1000207302
Total number of litters in household over period of cat ownership1133011213452
Potential for inbreeding? Yes/No (Y/N)YNYNYNYYYY
Number of cats signed over to RSPCA110071862632
Mean Welfare score Visit
Mean Welfare score Visit 2 (2 months)NA4.
Mean Welfare score Visit 3 (12 months)NA4.34.5NANA5.
  1. NA not applicable as voluntarily relinquished all cats
  2. a Revisit was done at 4 months instead of 2 months due to inability to make owner contact