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Table 3 Detailed results from all the experiments performed to determine the vector copy number (VCN)/cell after transduction with the various lentiviral vectors

From: Development of a CRISPR/Cas9 system against ruminant animal brucellosis

D1 post transduction
D4 post transduction
Brucella untransducedExp 10.050.14
Exp 20.020.05
Exp 30.120.04
Exp 40.000.01
Brucella + GFPExp 15.156.21
Exp 26.762.48
Exp 322.4714.02
Exp 423.937.80
Brucella + VirB10Exp 10.800.30
Exp 215.2411.94
Exp 31.840.13
Exp 414.2410.39
Brucella + RpolAExp 111.073.94
Exp 24.1911.89
Exp 39.914.89
Exp 422.858.52
  1. The standard curves produced by quantitative Real-Time PCR were used to extrapolate the absolute number of vector and endogenous ovPrp copies per reaction. VCN/cell was ultimately calculated by normalizing the absolute number of vector copies to the ovPrp copies. Untransduced, Brucella-infected cells served as a control