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Table 2 Detailed results from all the experiments performed to determine the number of incorporated brucellae after transduction with the various lentiviral vectors (CFU assay from 500 infected and lysed macrophages seeded in blood agar dishes and from 50,000 infected macrophages analyzed by Real-Time PCR)

From: Development of a CRISPR/Cas9 system against ruminant animal brucellosis

 D1 post transductionD4 post transduction
Total number of colonies (agar)Brucellae/cell (Real-Time PCR)Total number of colonies (agar)Brucellae/cell (Real-Time PCR)
Brucella untransducedExp 155412.6935210.09
Exp 264488.8236483.57
Exp 351513.8440211.50
Exp 460374.0043201.51
Brucella + GFPExp 166243.5432141.28
Exp 257371.3933195.71
Exp 353472.1040198.36
Exp 450532.7139204.05
Brucella + VirB10Exp 130259.8221181.39
Exp 232Undetermined28133.04
Exp 331318.9230156.65
Exp 437228.0023125.00
Brucella + RpolAExp 122Undetermined15161.01
Exp 226221.0918139.49
Exp 322161.782065.47
Exp 423107.841160.42
  1. The standard curves produced by quantitative Real-Time PCR were used to extrapolate the absolute number of brucellae and endogenous ovPrp copies per reaction. Brucellae/cell were ultimately calculated by normalizing the absolute number of brucellae to the ovPrp copies. Untransduced, Brucella-infected cells served as a control