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Table 4 Signal categories based on the intensity of different split TreA detection assay versions. Four different categories of signal were based on percentages of the signal obtained with human IgG

From: Detecting total immunoglobulins in diverse animal species with a novel split enzymatic assay

Signal Percentagea
Non Active (0.0) <  10%
Weak (1.0) 10–30%
Weak to Medium (2.0) 30–50%
Medium to Strong (3.0) 50–70%
Strong (4.0) >  70%
  1. ODS Optical density of the animal serum with the biosensor (Signal), ODB Optical density of the animal serum only (Background), ODC Optical density of purified human antibodies with the biosensor (Positive control)
  2. aFormula used for the signal intensity calculation: ODF = ((ODS-ODB)/ODC)*100