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Table 3 Corrected mortality (%) of tick larvae treated with solvent- solvent fractions of the acetone extract (10 mg/mL) of M. edulis leaves (L) or tubers (T) and Amitraz (0.002% v/v) (N = 4)

From: Addition of a surfactant to water increases the acaricidal activity of extracts of some plant species used to control ticks by Zimbabwean smallholder farmers

Plant extractMean mortality (%)Corrected mortality ±SEM (%)
Maerua edulis (L) water32.527.2 ± 8.54c
Maerua edulis (L) butanol2.05.7 ± 0.41
Maerua edulis (L) chloroform100.0100.0 ± 0a
Maerua edulis (L) hexane51.547.7 ± 18.53b
Maerua edulis (T) butanol96.396.0 ± 2.39a
Maerua edulis (T) chloroform100.0100.0 ± 0a
Maerua edulis (T) hexane100.0100.0 ± 0a
Amitraz (positive control)100.0100.0 ± 0a
Diluent (negative control)7.2
  1. Corrected mortality values with different superscript letters within the column are significantly different (P < 0.05)