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Table 2 Corrected mortality (%) of tick larvae caused by acetone extracts (100 mg/mL) of different plant species (N = 4)

From: Addition of a surfactant to water increases the acaricidal activity of extracts of some plant species used to control ticks by Zimbabwean smallholder farmers

Plant speciesMean mortality (%)Corrected mortality ± SEM (%)
Maerua edulis (leaf)9797 ± 3.3a
Maerua edulis (tuber)9393 ± 6.7a
Kleinia sp.9090 ± 5.8a
Monadenium lurgadae8383 ± 3.3b
Cassia abbreviata7777 ± 6.7b
Cissus quadrangularis5757 ± 6.7c
Aloe excelsa5353 ± 16.7c
Osyris lanceolata5353 ± 12.2c
Albizia amara4343 ± 13.3d
Ricinus communis4343 ± 14.5d
Carissa edulis3737 ± 14.5d
Terminalia sericea2727 ± 12.0e
Croton gratissimus2323 ± 8.8e
Ornithogalum sp.2020 ± 20e
Amitraz (positive control)100100a
Acetone (negative control)00f
  1. Corrected mortality values with different superscripts letters are significantly different within the column (P < 0.05)