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Table 2 Primer sets for the polymerase spiral reaction assays (The lower-case 5′ sequence of the forward primer (SF) abstracted from a botanic gene is reverse to the lowercase 5′ sequence of the reverse primer (SR) [22])

From: Novel polymerase spiral reaction assay for the visible molecular detection of porcine circovirus type 3

Primer name Sequence 5′-3′ Position within PCV3-ORF2 a
SF acgaattcgtacatagaagtatagGTCTTGGAGCCAAGTGTTTGTG 277–299
SR gatatgaagatacatgcttaagcaCTTCATTACCCGCCTAAACGAG 433–453
  1. aThe primer position is based on the sequence of the Chinese Hubei-610/2016 strain, GenBank accession number: KY354038