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Table 2 Variations in ITS region sequences of SSU rRNA genes of Enterocytozoon bieneusi isolates identified in this study and comparison with three known genotypes

From: Identification of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in goats and cattle in Thailand

Genotypes (no.) Nucleotide at position GenBank accession no.
21 95 126 131 134 163 245 246
Novel GoatAYE1 T MK165088
  GoatAYE2 G MK165089
Known H A C KP318000
Novel GoatAYE3 C A MK473332
Known CHC8 T G MK573332
Novel GoatAYE4 A MK473333
Known CHG3 G MH822618
Novel PigAYE1 A MK165090/ MK165091
  PigAYE3 A C MK165093
Known CS-10 G A KP259313
Novel PigAYE2 C MK165092
Known PigEBITS5 T MG736666