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Table 3 Scoring methodology for visual lameness observations

From: Assessment of the efficacy of firocoxib (Previcox®) and grapiprant (Galliprant®) in an induced model of acute arthritis in dogs

Observation whilst standing
 Full weight bearing (touching of the 4 digital pads on the ground) 0
 Partial weight bearing (touching of 3 or less digital pads on the ground) 1
 No weight bearing to toe touching 2
Observation whilst walking
 Full weight bearing, no lameness 0
 Slight lameness (including intermittent) with partial weight bearing (75%): lameness barely perceptible throughout almost the whole observation period 1
 Moderate lameness with partial weight bearing (□ 50%): the animal rests the limb on the ground slightly 2
 Severe lameness with no weight bearing: the animal uses its limb but it does not put its weight on the limb and/or avoid putting the limb on the ground 3