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Table 4 Results for the general estimating equation predicting positive ELISA status (≥ 50 EU) in any one of 4 ELISA tests conducted in parallel) for an analysis of the association between ELISA status for MAP infection and age and year of study on a NZ dairy farm over 4 seasons (2013–2017)

From: Control of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection on a New Zealand pastoral dairy farm

Input variableCoefficientOdds Ratio (OR)95% CIp-valuea
 Multiparous0.621.861.41–2.45< 0.001
Study year
 2014–2015−1.410.240.12–0.49< 0.001
Interaction d
 Multiparous 2014–20150.411.500.72–3.120.284
 Multiparous 2015–2016−1.350.260.12–0.56< 0.001
 Multiparous 2016–2017−0.020.980.41–2.340.970
ICCe 0.380.35–0.42 
Variance within 0.063  
Variance among 0.039  
  1. aSignificance of coefficient
  2. bParity of cow defined as primiparous (≤ 2 years) and multiparous (> 2 years)
  3. cMilking season. Each season uses the preceding season as the referent
  4. dInteraction term between parity and milking season. Overall significance of the interaction term: < 0.001
  5. eIntra class correlation coefficient