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Table 4 ANCOVA Model 2A: The difference in the effect of age on log Total White Blood Cell (TWBC). The “Estimate/Difference” is the estimated difference in the effect of age on TWBC between the bear groups specified in the “Level” column (log transformed)

From: Metabolic derangements and reduced survival of bile-extracted Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus)

ModelObsBear Group (p-value)InteractionsLevelEstimate/DifferenceSELower CIUpper CIp-value
2A255 0.0022BE-FNE0.00510.0129−0.02040.03050.6963
  1. “- -” indicates p-values > 0.05 and denotes interaction terms removed by stepwise selection, resulting in the reported significant p-values listed under Interaction after the other interactions terms were removed from the model