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Table 8 Herd health program modules

From: An association of Orf virus infection among sheep and goats with herd health programme in Terengganu state, eastern region of the peninsular Malaysia

S/N Main component of HHP Module Notation Acronym Sub-questions Total number of Questions
1 Housing condition (eg: roof, flooring, ventilation, sanitation) H H1 to H8 8
2 Feed and feeding management (feed storage, amount of feed required per animal) F F1 to F7 7
3 Parasite control program    
a. deworming program P P1 to P7 7
b. deticking D D1 to D3 3
4 Vaccination program V V1 to V3 3
5 Farm biosecurity B B1 to B7 7
6 Waste disposal W W1 to W5 5
7 Fly, pest and odour control C C1 to C2 2
8 Milking management (mastitis control program) M M1 to M4 4
9 Reproductive management R R1 to R15 15
10 Kid/lamb management K K1 to K14 14
11 Doe/ewe management E E1 to E5 5
12 Animal identification T T1 to T4 4
13 Medication/Drug management (record system, storage) G G1 to G4 4
14 Disease monitoring program X X1 to X5 5
Total main HHP modules 14 Total number of questions 93