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Table 4 Reagents used for PCR for defining Caprine CCR5 structure

From: A single nucleotide variant in the promoter region of the CCR5 gene increases susceptibility to arthritis encephalitis virus in goats

Buffer 10X 2.5 μl
Mg 2+ (2.5 mM) 2.5 μl
DNPTs (0.2 mM) 1.0 μl
Primer ExIF (300 nM) 0.5 μl
Primer ExIIR (300 nM) 0.5 μl
GC solution 5 μl
Taq Roche(1.5 U) 0.2 μl
Water 11.8 μl
c-DNA (dil. 1/5) 1 μl