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Table 9 Objectives of paratuberculosis control programs among 22 countries

From: Control of paratuberculosis: who, why and how. A review of 48 countries

Objective No. countries % countries
Reduce prevalence of MAP (equivalent term = control) 17 77.3
Reduce incidence of clinical cases 10 45.5
Reduce MAP contamination in the human food chain/improve consumer safety 7 31.8
Provide confidence or assurance to, or safeguard markets (including export) 4 18.2
Reduce spread to new farms or regions 6 27.3
Certification of freedom or provide information on low risk herds as a source of replacement stock 6 27.3
Reduce production/economic losses 4 18.2
Risk management: determine risk in a herd; allow trade/marketing with an accredited or specified risk level; reduce within herd spread 4 18.2
Provide individual farmers with tools to manage JD (where manage = prevention or control) 3 13.6
Eradication of MAP from herds that aim to do this 3 13.6
Research including determination of prevalence or incidence 2 9.1
Elimination of high shedders or reduction of faecal shedding 2 9.1
Improve animal health and welfare and farm biosecurity 2 9.1
Country-level eradication (detect, control then eradicate) 2 9.1
Region-level eradication (detect, control then eradicate) 1 4.5
Education and awareness 1 4.5