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Table 8 Reasons stated for not having a control program for paratuberculosis among 26 countries

From: Control of paratuberculosis: who, why and how. A review of 48 countries

Reason No. countries % countries
Economic constraints 12 46
Animal health resources are currently deployed to tackle other priority diseases 11 42
Other 10 40
Lack of national/regional animal health capacity, infrastructure or operational resources 8 31
Paratuberculosis is not prevalent at herd or individual animal levels and is not considered to be a problem relative to other animal health issues 8 31
Lack of laboratory diagnostic services 6 23
Paratuberculosis is present but is not considered to affect the animal population 5 19
Lack of feasibility due to inadequate control tools (eg. poor diagnostic tests, poor vaccines) 1 4
Paratuberculosis vaccine is available for use by farmers (there is no coordinated control program) 1 4