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Table 2 Blastocysts formation rates depending on the time of first cleavage

From: Prostaglandin F (PGF) production possibility and its receptors expression in the early- and late-cleaved preimplantation bovine embryos

number of fertilized oocytes, n fertilization rate, n
early-cleaved embryos (30 hpi), n
late-cleaved embryos
(48 hpi), n
blastocyst formation rate, n
blastocysts from early-cleaved embryos at Day 7, n (%) blastocysts from late-cleaved embryos at Day 7, n (%)
5794 4202 1900 2302 1313 716 600
  (72,5) (32,8)a (39,7)b (31,3) (37,7)A (26,1)B
  1. Proportion of embryos cleaved at 30 and 48 h post insemination (hpi) and formation of blastocysts at Day 7 of in vitro culture depending on the time of the first cleavage. Percent of early- and late-cleaved embryos was presented according to the number of fertilized oocytes. Blastocyst formation rate was calculated according to the total number of cleaved embryos. Percent of early- and late- cleaved blastocysts was presented in relation to the total number of embryos cleaved at 30 and 48 hpi, respectively
  2. a,b Differences between cleavage rates (P < 0.0001)
  3. A,B Differences in blastocysts formation rates between early and late cleaved group (P < 0.0001)
  4. P values of cleavage and blastocysts rate determined by Chi-square test with Yates’ correction