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Table 4 Sensitivities, specificities, kappa values, and positive or negative predictive values of the RPA-LFD and real-time qPCR or culture methods for the detection of P. multocida

From: Use of a recombinase polymerase amplification commercial kit for rapid visual detection of Pasteurella multocida

   Real-time qPCR Culture
Pos Neg Total Pos Neg Total
RPA-LFD Pos 50 2 52 31 21 52
Neg 0 43 43 0 43 43
Total 50 45 95 31 64 95
   Sen:100% Spe:95.15% K:0.958 Sen:100% Spe:67.20% K:0.572
   PPV:96.15% NPV:100% PPV:59.62% NPV:100%  
  1. Neg Negative, Pos Positive, Spe Specificity, Sen Sensitivity, K Kappa value, NPV negative predictive value, PPV Positive predictive value