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Table 8 Description of behavioural and physiologic parameters measured in turkeys using video recordings after euthanasia method application

From: Electroencephalographic, physiologic and behavioural responses during cervical dislocation euthanasia in turkeys

Parameter Description Measures
Gasping Repetitive and rapid opening and closing of the beak (not associated with respiratory function) Latency Duration
Clonic convulsions Rapid, uncoordinated movement of the body and wings Latency Duration
Tonic convulsions Slow extension or movement of the legs and wings Latency Duration
Motionless No body or respiratory movement Duration
Feather erection Multifocal to generalized rising of feather of the body Latency Duration
Time to last body movement Time of last wing, leg or body movement or onset of motionless with no further movement Latency
Loss of nictitating membrane Loss of movement of the third eyelid over the cornea after lightly touched with a fingertip Latency
Loss of pupillary light reflex Loss of constriction of the pupil after penlight was shone into the eye Latency
Cardiac arrest Cessation of function of the heart. Latency