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Table 1 The average minimum distance between premises, the average number of premises within in 10 km of each premises as well as the number of premises in a control area and their ultimate disease status for game bird and turkey premises

From: Analysis of geographic location and pathways for influenza A virus infection of commercial upland game bird and conventional poultry farms in the United States of America

  Average minimum distance (km) Average number of premises within 10 km of each premises Number of premises in a control area
To any premises with birds To same sector premises Infected Never infected All (%)
Game birds (Total = 26, Number infected = 0) 15.42 32.47 4.6 0 3 3/26 (11.5%)
Turkeys (Total = 398, Number infected = 98a) 3.74 4.15 9.7 63 110 173/398 (43.5%)
  1. aAmong the infected turkey premises, location data was available for 98