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Table 5 Virulence profile of Salmonella serovars isolated in this study

From: Antimicrobial resistance profiles and virulence genotyping of Salmonella enterica serovars recovered from broiler chickens and chicken carcasses in Egypt

Genetic profile Virulence genes No. of isolates (%)
P1 invA,csgD,hilC,bcfC,stn,avrA,mgtC,ompF 12 (10%)
P2 invA,csgD,bcfC,stn,avrA,mgtC,ompF 12 (10%)
P3 invA,csgD, hilC,bcfC,stn,avrA,mgtC 12 (10%)
P4 invA,csgD, hilC,bcfC,stn 12 (10%)
P5 invA,csgD, hilC 24 (20%)
P6 invA,hilC 12 (10%)
P7 invA,csgD 36 (30%)