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Fig. 1

From: Repellent properties of Rotheca glabrum plant extracts against adults of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Fig. 1

Example of a repellent (a) and a non-repellent (b) extract. Treatment bioassays, the top stained filter papers were coated with R. glabrum extract. All the bottom filter papers contained no extract or solvent. Control bioassays, unstained filter papers at the top were treated with the negative control (solvent). Rods containing repellent acetone extract resulted in R. appendiculatus adults being repelled from the treated filter papers to the neutral filter papers, whereas no repellency was observed in the control bioassays (a). The soap-water infusion of R. glabrum and solvent control did not repel the ticks from climbing up the rods to the top filter paper (b)

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