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Table 3 Multidrug resistance patterns in E. coli isolated from chicken visceral organs

From: Identification and antimicrobial susceptibility profile of Escherichia coli isolated from backyard chicken in and around ambo, Central Ethiopia

Number Antimicrobial resistance pattern No. of resistant isolates (%)
Two AMX CRX 34 (41.5)
Four AMX CRX CHL 10 (12.2)
Four AMX CRX TET 20 (24.4)
Five AMX CRX TET NIT 8 (9.8)
Seven AMX CRX TET NIT KN NLD 6 (7.3)
Seven AMX CRX TET NIT KN CHL 4 (4.9)
  1. AMX-Amoxicillin (β-lactams), CRX-Cefuroxime (Cephems), TET-Tetracycline, CHL- Chloramphinicol (Phenicols), NIT-Nitrofurantoin, KN-Kanaycin (Aminoglcosides), NLD- Nalidxic acid (Quinolones)