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Table 3 Opinion of the veterinary officer that completed the questionnaire concerning the most likely cause of the introduction of the brucellosis infection into the cattle farms

From: Risk factors for new bovine brucellosis infections in Colombian herds

Causes of new infection %
Exogenous origin of the new infection 80
 Contact with other domestic species 18
 Contaminated water/feed sources 15
 Introduction of infected animals 14
 Admittance of animals that have been in contact with seropositive animals in the originating farm 10
 Transhumance/pasture sharing 8
 Contact with infected people 4
 Contact with wild species 4
 Artificial insemination or embryo transfer 3
 Movement of animals without official control 2
Endogenous origin of the new infection 20
 Recirculation 8
 Maintenance of animals diagnosed as positive 7
 Absence/deficiency of biosecurity on the farm 5