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Fig. 2

From: Effect of green tea and mulberry leaf powders on the gut microbiota of chicken

Fig. 2

Gut microbiota differentiation of chicken with different feed additives. a PCoA analysis based on weighted UniFrac distance. Each point represents a sample. The first principal component is plotted on the X-axis, and the second principal component is plotted on the Y-axis. The colors indicate different groups. The percentage on each axis indicates the contribution to the discrepancy among samples. PCoA, principal coordinate analysis; Group A was fed basal diet + 2% green tea powder; group B was fed basal diet + 4% mulberry leaf powder; group C was fed only basal diet as control. b Phylogenetic profiles of specific bacterial taxa and predominant bacteria among the three different groups, as determined using the LEfSe analysis. Biomarker taxa are heighted by colored circles and shaded areas. Each circle’s diameter is relative to abundance of taxa in the community. c Group abundance heatmap showing normalized values of differentially abundant genera of the three groups. Group name is plotted on the X-axis, and the Y-axis represents the genus. Colors reflect relative abundance from low (green) to high (red)

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