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Table 1 Results of the statistical analysis of the in vivo experiment (p-values)

From: Effects of divergent selection upon adrenocortical activity on immune traits in pig

Parameters HPA activity Time Interaction
Tympanic temperature 0.077 <2e-16 0.026
White blood cell counts (log) 0.052 <2e-16 0.015
Lymphocyte to granulocyte ratio (log) 0.92 <2e-16 0.64
Red cells 0.069 1.11e-12 0.503
Cortisol (log) 4.64e-07 <2e-16 0.052
Blood glucose 0.329 <2e-16 0.080
Free fatty acids (square root) 0.064 2.11e-12 0.236
Bilirubin 0.31 <2e-16 0.167
TNFα (log) 0.13 <2e-16 2.46e-4
IL-6 (log) 0.013 <2e-16 2.38e-4
  1. For each parameter, the effects of HPA activity, time and their interaction were tested in a two-way analysis of variance with repeated measures for the time factor